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About KPS Consulting

Navigating the world of green is difficult, and the language can often be daunting and unclear.  We get it! We know the world of truly green, and we are here to help make your journey easy. KPS Eco-Consulting Group will guide you through the process, and identify companies that provide products and services that are green from head to toe with an emphasis on people, planet, and profit.


Overwhelming research indicates that the chemicals currently found in products available on the market have an adverse impact on human health and the environment. For that reason, businesses and organizations are in the unique position to make impactful changes that are immediate and far-reaching. That’s where we come in! Changes large or small, from behaviors to vendor selection with a focus on the triple bottom line can help businesses reduce their environmental impact, increase revenue, and improve human and environmental health. Let us guide you through the process!


When considering the change to green, we always answer 3 questions:


1. Why go Green?

This one is simple… because it’s the right thing to do. Research has shown that green products and practices are better for the health of employees and patrons, and for the planet. Even small changes have the potential to make a huge impact- let us help you make choices that will benefit your business and your financial bottom line.


There is a growing concern about the traditional cleaning products currently available to businesses and consumers, and their impact on human health and the environment. This concern in warranted because chemicals in traditional cleaning products have been linked to cancer and hormonal disruption, asthma and breathing problems, and skin and eye irritation. Many ingredients are also toxic to the environment and wildlife, and can have long-lasting negative environmental effects.


Cleaning products are just the beginning of green moves that any business can make. From an environmental perspective, there are countless changes in behavior and practices that can reduce impact to the environment and energy and resource waste. Send us your wish list, and we will help make your green plan a reality.



2. Are the products effective?

Absolutely! Efficacy is our primary concern, and every product we vet is proven to be at least as effective as its chemical-filled counterparts. We ensure that food service products meet FDA standards, and all products are held to the highest standards of efficacy. We simply will not suggest any product that is not proven to be highly effective. We understand that businesses are concerned with effectively cleaning and fully support the adoption of a truly effective cleaning product line.


We examine products from a scientific perspective and bring a wealth of knowledge from the fields of microbiology, immunology, human health, and development. We consider the impact of each ingredient in a product, and ensure that each ingredient is effective for cleaning and safe for human and environmental health. The companies with whom we work create products that are truly effective, and non-toxic. We can’t wait to introduce you!



3. What are the financial benefits of going green?

It’s a misconception that going green is more expensive than using traditional vendors. Going green is not only cost-effective, but likely saves money. From long term savings associated with choosing green and sustainable options, eco-conscientious business decisions often attract the millennial audience. In short, any organization making green changes is likely to generate a new revenue stream and increase ROI.

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