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About Kids Play Safe

Kids Play Safe is a 501c3 research-based nonprofit dedicated to keeping kids safe. Their national research project spanned across the United States and was the largest of its kind. The KPS initiative was well received and touted by local and national news media from every facet of journalism at a rate that was unprecedented. Chapters in public administration textbooks were written about their efforts and students continue to interview them about their work. Moreover, laws have been written and passed with their help, and they continue to advise health departments and legislators across the country to create and revise protocols for properly cleaning and maintaining play structures in food service establishments. They successfully developed relationships that changed an entire industry and connected green cleaning companies, educational advocacy groups, and national restaurant chains.


The Kids Play Safe certification is awarded to businesses that implement green practices that positively impact the health and wellness of their consumers, employees and the planet. Our certification is a unique opportunity for organizations to differentiate from their competitors and generate new revenue streams.

Co-Founder, Erin Carr-Jordan, Ph.D.

Dr. Carr-Jordan is a passionate social impact executive driven to positively impact the organizational triple bottom line using the SDGs as a guidepost. Throughout her career her activities have lived at the intersection of innovation, academia, coalition building, advocacy, and impact. In addition to her experience as a CEO and hungry entrepreneur, Erin has spent over a decade in higher education and administration where her roles included faculty, department chair, and associate dean. Erin leads strategic initiatives and develops partnerships to solve wicked problems. In addition to board and committee service in the university setting, Erin was appointed by the Arizona Governor to serve on the ICC Board for Infant and Toddler Development, sat on the American Association of Community College Council (AACC), is an advisory board member of SeaTrust Institute served on the board of Chicanos Por la Causa, is a member of UN Women, and is an executive representative to the UN Global Compact. Erin's legislative and consulting experience includes coauthoring regulation in AZ, consulting for local and state legislators across the country, and advocacy work around environmental safety, public health, and human development. In 2012 Erin was selected as a Flinn-Brown Fellow. Erin has been an invited guest on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Sanjay Gupta MD, and Anderson Cooper. She has also been featured in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, the Arizona Republic, and in Parenting Magazine. In 2015 she was a delegate at COP21 in Paris and in 2016 earned a Certificate in Leading Operational Excellence from MIT. Erin is currently a Senior Sustainability Scholar in the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability at ASU.


Co-Founder, Annissa Furr, Ph.D.

Annissa is a champion of all things green, with the science to back it up. She is a LEED Green Associate with a background in immunology and microbiology. Her diverse knowledge of public health and wellness provide a strong scientific and research-driven perspective. With over a decade of experience in higher education, Annissa has taught and written classes in a host of areas including microbiology, immunology, cell biology, ecology, and physical and natural science. 


A respected researcher in her field, Annissa has published research in peer-reviewed journals and presented at conferences across the country. She has been involved in the green space for many years, and understands green from top to bottom. She understands the urgency of going green and the impact that chemicals have on human health and the planet. She has given presentations on these topics to a wide variety of audiences, and continues to look for creative solutions that will be beneficial to all. Annissa also acts as a consultant to legislative bodies, health departments, and educational institutions across the country. 

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