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Kids Play Safe is a 501c3 research, advocacy, and advisory group for multinational organizations making sustainability-based supply chain and capacity building decisions. KPS is a women-owned and operated organization deeply aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. The KPS initiative has received unprecedented media coverage for its depth of research. 

Chapters in public administration textbooks are written about their efforts and students continue to interview them about their work. Moreover, laws have been written and passed with their help, and they continue to advise health departments and legislators across the country to create and revise protocols for properly cleaning and maintaining play structures in food service establishments. They successfully developed relationships that changed an entire industry and connected green cleaning companies, educational advocacy groups, and national restaurant chains.

The Kids Play Safe certification is awarded to businesses that implement green practices that positively impact the health and wellness of their consumers, employees and the planet. Our certification is a unique opportunity for organizations to differentiate from their competitors and generate new revenue streams.

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